Modernization and renewal
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Replacement and upgrade for old Hydro-power station
Now all over the word, about 50% of the primary and secondary technologies installed in hydropower plants are older than 30 years. With the change of river hydrological conditions and new technologies mature, these power plants urgently need for capacity expansion and technology upgrade.

ETERNOO provides the solution, products and services for all mechanical and electric equipment of hydro-power station upgrade. A rich experience service team ensures a fast and competent response to the customer requirements.

The purpose of Replacement and upgrade:
• increase the availability and reliability of power station equipments
• Improve the utilization of water resources
• increase revenue opportunities from peak power generation
• reduce risk of failures and unplanned outages
• optimize plant value and operating life

Our service:
• Design, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, installation and commissioning
• Turbines
• Main inlet valves
• Generators
• Automation, control, protection and excitation system
• Monitoring and diagnosis systems 



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